About Koshambi Foundation Youth Club

Koshambi Foundation Youth Club is a Club for the Youth of India under the Umbrella of Koshambi Foundation. This club is established by Lakshya Chaudhary, a Young Businessman, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur and a Sociologist.

It is a Non- Profit Making, Non- Government, Voluntary Organization which works for the Youth Development, Youth Empowerment, Youth Growth, etc. “Koshambi Foundation Youth Club” is a platform for the youngsters for the youth Development and For the Positive Change and Social Change in our Society.

KFYC believes in Humanity and thinks for the Problems faced by the Indian Youth in India. With a motive to make the youth United and to resolve the problems faced by Indian Youth, KFYC helps the youth for the Innovation, New Vision, Personality Development, Opportunity and helps them to create his own Platform.

Our Aim is to create a model for youth to make New India. Because Youth is the Future of India and Indian Youth is the ocean of Innovation and Ideas which makes our Country to the new path and helps our Country to make a well Developed Country.

KFYC believes that if we have courage and strong will power to do anything and the word “Impossible” will become “I M Possible”. This is the real strength of Indian Youth which makes the courage in them.

Today, we want to leave you with One Positive Thought